The heading is misleading. But it got your attention. Well, perhaps not that misleading.

Lochal Archade, the website that reviews and podcasts niche, experimental, quirky and bargain bin games in Dubai, has turned a year old! Kudos to Mohommad Al Huraiz, better known to the Dubai’s twitter folk as @Asatiir, who started this endevour. He experimented with names like Select Start, which rather sounds like a dysfunctional TV remote, before coming up with the quirky Lochal Archade moniker.

To commemorate the occasion, we gathered for an open mic podcast at Dubai Festival City’s very own Cafe Nero, where Team Lochal Archade  treated us guest podcasters to splendiferous hot chocolate. There were cup cakes galore, courtesy twitter’s @theregos aka Nick Regos, and @7ooree who’s otherwise known as the girl with the white and black tap dance shoes and gold plated BlackBerry. You can call her Hoor Al Khaja. But don’t judge her – she’s a great person. Or so she says anyhoo.

There was no agenda for the podcast, and so the guest bloggers came up with one. We discussed gimp masks versus hot wax, the etemology of ‘So she said’ jokes’, the joy of green socks and the wonderfulness of the hot chocolate. Between all of this, we managed to give over a few seconds to games – the past, the present and the future, and how Lochal Archade is planning its year ahead. Khalid aka Khulood, a key member of Team Lochal Archade, incidentally @Asatiir’s sibling, and having the fortune of posessing a state that could curdle milk, offered valuable…er….silence.@MaliZomg was there to offer his invaluable (according to him anyway) brand of humour and pointlessly poignant wit.

Paul and his wife, aka @Daddybird and @Kangayayaroo were the voice of reason and experience. There’s no telling to where the podcast may have descended without their soothing influence.

The proof is in the pudding, so head over to to listen to the anniversary podcast. It hasn’t come out of editing at the time of writing, because poor Asatiir has a job on his hands editing out the expletives, political satire and raunch laden innuendos.

Suffice it to say, the year ahead for Lochal Archade promises more collaboration, more games, even more podcasts, and -hopefully – more guest appearances by the idiosyncratic guest casters. Nuff said people! Go check it out. If you’re a gamer or even not, Lochal Archade should be a regular stopover. It’s becoming even better now that it promises to regularly feature us lot. Right @Asatiir? You did promise, didn’t you?

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