Normal operating procedure requires this blog to come up with quirky reviews and brief anecdotes about my meanderings around the  Dubai art, culture, community and crass craziness milieu.

It’s a fairly different kettle of carnivorous fish when your neutrality (supposed) is supplanted by the heat of battle. For I am involved and I shall enthuse!

This Thursday and Friday – April 8th and 9th 2010, I am performing in Chekov’s ‘Seduction’ as the inimitable, other-men’s-wives-seducing lead, Peter (Pyotr) Semyonych.

The evening will start 7 30 pm with a single act hard-hitting drama – The Valiant. We shall be on hand to provide much-needed comic relief post that. Both plays are being quasi-organized by BackStage Dubai, one of the newer kids on Dubai’s semi-amateur theatre scene.

It’s been hard graft, and I live in perpetual fear of fluffing my lines. But I’m working with a certain Roger and a Camilla, who are brilliant thespians. And the fearsome yet cuddlesome Jesika as director.

Come see us have a riot and a laugh, and giggle with us! The twtvite, for those interested, is here: It offers all the details needed, and then some.


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