The Brief

To cre­ate con­tent that shows entre­pre­neurs why in5 is the right sup­port sys­tem for busi­ness suc­cess.

The Challenge

To craft a nar­ra­tive that was con­ver­sa­tion­al, approach­able and yet infor­ma­tive.

The Outcome

Crisp con­tent high­light­ing the val­ue in5 brings to the entre­pre­neur com­mu­ni­ty, and why peo­ple with great ideas should become involved.

Sample Copy

“The in5 innovation centre is an ecosystem specifically designed to get great ideas in ICT and digital media off the ground. We help entrepreneurs take good ideas all the way to market successes. We get involved early in the process of idea creation and feasibility testing. We then work with you through licensing and implementation – right up to commercial launch.”


“We get you business-ready through a mentorship programme where experienced leaders help you manage your startup and stare down challenges. You access the industry’s best minds in HR, marketing, sales, project management, strategy and people management. We understand that funding can be a major bottleneck for small businesses. That’s why we give you a powerful platform to make successful pitches to angel investors and venture capitalists.”