Abu Dhabi Ports

The Brief

When Abu Dhabi Ports wanted a summarised annual report highlighting key achievements and milestones for 2017, we were tasked with researching and writing it.

The Challenge

Abu Dhabi Ports is a sprawling entity that owns and operates 11 ports globally. It also has multiple divisions and sub-divisions that needed inclusion within the summarised report. Time was of the essence and deadlines were tight.

The Outcome

A crisp and clear summarised report that highlighted the essentials without getting bogged down in unnecessary words. The report took a factual tone, reading like an FT article and reporting on facts, news and updates for the year.

Sample Copy

“Abu Dhabi Ports’ investment in its cruise tourism infrastructure and tourism yielded a record-breaking 2016/2017 cruise season. The extended season, ending in June 2017, saw a 40% increase in vessel calls and a 48% jump in total passengers to Zayed Port and Sir Bani Yas Cruise Beach over the year before. The passenger figures exceeded expected growth figures by up to 600% – testament to Abu Dhabi Ports’ efforts towards transforming Abu Dhabi into a world-class cruise hub.”


“The majority of visitors during the 2016/2017 season hailed from Germany (48%), followed by the UK (21%), Italy (10%) and The Netherlands (4%). In 2017, local cruise and waterway tourism capabilities were also developed, with Abu Dhabi Ports signing an agreement with Jalboot Marine to begin cruise ships to the Louvre Abu Dhabi as well as other local landmarks.”