Savola Foods

The Brief

Present an annual report for a publicly-listed company that would be scrutinised by shareholders and stakeholders.

The Challenge

Full immersion in a sprawling business that owns and operates household names. Almarai, Al Kabeer, Panda, Herfy, Afia and Al Osra are all Savola brands with their own results, news and narratives.

The Outcome

A powerful report that encapsulated leadership points of view while offering succinct analysis to show how Savola Foods was delivering on an ambitious strategy of efficiency, reform and sustainable growth.

Sample Copy

“The year marked a significant improvement in the Group’s performance, moving from losses to profit in a remarkable turnaround. The Group achieved a net income of SAR 475.6 million compared to a net loss of SAR 520.4 million in the previous year. Revenues rose to SAR 22.24 million compared to SAR 21.81 million the year before. We took advantage of the investment community’s appetite for fixed income products by issuing SAR 1 billion in sukuks. Our sukuks were oversubscribed as institutional investors took the opportunity to participate in our offerings, banking on our growth prospects.”


“We renewed our commitment to our retail and food business, while simultaneously focusing on optimising our asset allocation, and adapting our investment strategy to dynamic markets in Saudi Arabia and abroad. Our restructuring approach, which prioritised innovation while also focusing on group-wide cost rationalisation and efficiencies, yielded results throughout the year. This was reflected in increased shareholder confidence, with Savola Group stock price outperforming the market – increasing 28.2 percent during the fiscal year 2019, compared to a 7.9 percent overall increase for Tadawul.”