Dubai Data

The Brief

To tell the story of how Dubai Data is harnessing data from all over Dubai to generate brand new insights for a smarter city with happier people.

The Challenge

Data by itself doesn’t excite people. It’s only when you demonstrate what can be achieved by using data to deliver creative solutions that make decisions smarter and people happier is when audiences begin paying attention.

The Outcome

Dubai Data’s new web presence appealed successfully to different audiences. It explained the wonderful thing Dubai is doing with data to laypeople. But it also engaged data professionals and organisational change champions, inviting them to get involved.

Sample Copy

“Imagine data from an entire city identified, organised and interconnected to offer seamless services, smart management and extraordinary convenience.”


“Dubai’s City Data Management strategy aims to do just that through a groundbreaking project: the world’s first citywide data model. It’s a world-first project that identifies and structures data assets from across the city. It sparks new interconnectivity between data elements to drive innovation, superior service and deeper insight.”