The Brief

When Cadbury Arabia used Twitter to drive the conversation around its new cookie-flavoured chocolate, we were tasked with interviewing the client and constructing the story.

The Challenge

Each Twitter case study on marketing.twitter is produced to the highest quality. Pulled from all over the world, they are standardised, consistent in tone and world-class. Our Middle East case studies also had to follow a rigorous process of fact-finding, crafting,

The Outcome

A crisp narrative that followed Twitter’s guidelines and tone instructions while showcasing clearly how Cadbury Arabia managed to do something special with Twitter’s tools for business.

Sample Copy

“When Cadbury Arabia (‎@CadburyArabia) and Oreo (‎@Oreo) partnered to launch a new cookie-flavoured chocolate, the treat was an opportunity to grab headlines across the Middle East. ‎@CadburyArabia turned to Twitter to create buzz, generate curiosity, and get people talking.”


@CadburyArabia set up a social media newsroom to monitor trending topics on Twitter and made its launch relevant to topical conversations from big football games to art gallery openings. To drive intrigue, the brand initially joined conversations around important stories and events with the  ‎#WeHaveTheBiggestNews hashtag. It used Promoted Trends to spark discussions around popular topics and prompted user responses using conversational ads carrying the ‎#CadburyOreo hashtag for its big reveal.”