So, it seems that that Art Dubai was a success almost despite itself.  The Guardian sent across a correspondent to cover it.

This could very easily have become a cliched piece about the lack of bravery and commericalism that represented the Souk Madinat expo bit of Art Dubai, but is instead a surprisingly well-researched, naunced bit of reporting.

James Wescott is apparently one of those old gumboot types who actually traipse the local scene as opposed to having epiphanies from 37,000 feet in the air while flying over their subject of study, or indulging in bursts of prescience from the air-conditioned comfort of their swanky hotel room on a layover.

So Westcott did the beat. He boarded the Art Bus, and poked into the dusty (and alternatively gleaming) corners of Dubai where art lurks. His piece can be found here:

It has a  quote from Hetal Pewani of the Jam Jar – a person Westcott describes as ” one of the city’s apparently limitless supply of ambitious, self-confident young women who are basically running the art scene here.” True enough.

It is refreshing to read a piece with honest opinions crafted after an honest day’s work. None of your hackneyed Ozymandias references for Mr. Westcott. He’s just fine ferreting around for himself, sans cliches.