Marriage! Marriage! Marriage!

Right. Now that I firmly have your attention, my nuptials to an amazing woman were perhaps the reason I completely missed the entire furore over Posterous shutting down. Well, I suppose that is always the risk of free services – they don’t owe you ANYTHING. Yes. Twitter. Facebook. Gmail. All FREE services. That, if the numbers don’t work out for some reason or another, have the right to go gentle into that good night.

Wordpres-is-SupermanNow, this storm in a teacup might otherwise have passed me by, except for one important fact., my primary domain, was pointing at my Posterous blog, which in turn housed all my work published over the past few years. Suddenly, there was a wee bit of urgency around, given that I had chosen to stumble onto Posterous’ incipient demise mere days before it would violently vanish.

It was a matter of minutes to convince Posterous to regurgitate an XML backup – at least they’ve been good that way. In a couple more of those minutes,  that XML moved all my words over to an existing wordpress blog.

Then I ran face-first into a bit of a snag. All my data might be safe, but still had to be told to change its mind and point to This was a bit of a feat of impossible derring do at first, not least because there’s a stupendous amount of material out there to do with  wordpress – moving to a blog, moving to a self-hosted domain, making an omelette without breaking eggs, convincing helium it is in fact a potato and not a gas lighter than air, bringing back Charlie Chaplin through a spot of necromancy, etc.

But eventually truth dawned. All that was required was to point those pesky Godaddy domain nameservers to wordpress. And then give wordpress a few grammes of flesh by paying for a domain mapping upgrade. And voila! This is the new landing page for

WordPress saves the day. Image above gratuitously stolen from Google search results. And the great migration actually turned into a rapid exercise in respraying signposts on the Interwebs.