AutotuneAs Tripoli is surrounded, and the rebels advance into the heart of Gaddaffi’s realm, a new era is upon the embattled country. Gaddaffi, leader for 42 years, has remained stubborn to the last, and had zero qualms about using heavy artillery, etc, against his own, before these weapons of death were neutralized by NATO strikes. Tomorrow, when Gaddaffi’s Tripoli finally falls, Libya will realize it’s just the end of the beginning of reform, not the beginning of the end.

In the meantime, it’s always helpful to have Youtube remind us of Gaddaffi’s wierdness. Here’s the joy of autotune, applied to his ‘Zenga Zenga’ speech. He wanted his followers to hunt down the rebels “alley by alley” “street by street”.

Here’s another awesome, awesome example of the autotune meme – backin up, backin up, backin up – using interview footage after a store robbery.

And finally, the big daddy of em all. The one that got us all tapping along. This was the first true immensely viral example of the auto-tune meme. So you can run and tell that, home boy, home, home, home boy.