[Picture from The Fridge website here]

Yup. Cirque del Soleil. That magical, gravity defying show of wonderous proportions glitz and glamour. I’ve been fortunate to catch it in action on more than one occasion. The images embossed on the rear of my retinas have proved indelible.

But now, say hello to Cirque du Souq. The marvelous folk at The Fridge – no, not the London nightclub but  your friendly neighborhood art gallery in Al Quoz near the Grand City Mall – are coming up with their own interpretation. The same high flying, but more community. Cosier, indier. More accessible pricing too, I believe.

I’ve nicked a couple of pictures from their website – visit to read more about what’s going on.

Apparently, the shows are almost sold out. Good on you, The Fridge. They’ve taken their warehouse space and turned it into just about everything one can think of – a musical stage, a bar, a marketing platform, a broadway theatre, Dr. Who’s Tardis (okay, some exaggeration here…).

If you’re so inclined, some of the Fridge crew are around on Twitter. They’re good people, well worth a follow.

Mike Priest – mild mannered, inveterate gentleman, and artist/musician. Seems to have made niceness a career. @MikePriest

Melisa Le Rue – professional musician and pocket sized bundle of fun. @Melisa_le_rue

And see if you can beg, borrow, steal etc, a ticket for the show. If you can’t, try sneaking in any way. What are the chances of being thrown out? Mike Priest is too nice a man.