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It’s a new magazine in town. Well, perhaps not entirely new; it existed as a quarterly in a past life. It’s now been revamped, upgraded, and is going monthly. But why are we particularly excited about yet another mag languishing in bookstores or drooping  out of those little racks perched near supermarket checkouts?

Simple. It’s stellar. The design and production quality is brilliant. There’s gloss in all the right places. And the artwork, sourced from around the globe, is sublime. And the contributors are all community creatives from different walks of life. Some have never written for a publication prior. Out of a 160 pages, 32 have been turned over to advertising. From the club night Freshly Laced to group buying site Cobone, a few darlings of the socmed and artsy world are present and accounted for.

Editor in Chief Zaina Shreidi says, “We’ve been arts, culture and magazine junkies for years. Yet, nothing in the market particularly appealed. Quint started out as a personal project, and has grown from there. First friends contributed, then friends of friends, and then friends of friends of…” Yup. Got the idea 🙂

“We’re going to try and cover every form of art- and have analytical and introspective pieces too.”

Less a product of commerce, Quint’s a creation of love. And inspiration. It hits a space between zine and art portfolio, between communal writing space and full blown glossy social. It talks gadgets, film and photographs but has none of the socialite (read social-lite) crassness of flailing legs and LBDs clustered around champagne tables.

The launch occurred at that old staple of all things arts and culture, The Jam Jar. There were faces familiar and unfamiliar. People packed in to the point the airconditioning was groaning in dismay. Gayathri and Noush Like Sploosh belted out some tunes. Hetal Pewani, founder of the Jam Jar, ran around trying to email me pictures. And free copies of Quint were scattered around for all to take.

The launch issue is instantly impressive. Even the Table of Contents page is arresting. The writing is at times patchy, but one can’t have it both ways: Quint can’t be a mag that encourages community contributions, and still offer the autobahn uniformity and strict editorial control of -say- the Economist.

Thank you, Zaina, and Gyula Deak (who’s the Creative Director) for creating something out of nothing. Bravo! Long may Quint stay quintessential. The proof of the pudding, however, is going to be in the follow-up issue. There was probably more lead time for the launch issue. But a month isn’t a very long time for the sort of quality they’ve got going. I’m going to be waiting for the next issue rather impatiently.