The rule of the commons. One can use them for pasture, for piscine pursuits. Can one use them for laundry?
I saw this spectacle a few days back, right next to my apartment door. Fresh laundry, smelling of detergent and blissful fabric softener. Someone else’s laundry.

Slips, blouses, undies, t-shits. Permeating the corridor with the delightful scent of chaste cleanliness. I was amused, and snapped a picture. Someone else apparently wasn’t, and complained. Very soon, the couple next door were hauling their laundry back in, complaining bitterly.
Yet this gives rise to an interesting train of thought. The corridor qualifies as ‘commons’ – it is common, shared space. Leaving aside the obvious issues of health and safety – it might be difficult to run for your life with flames at your feet if your head’s stuck in a dangling bra – why does public laundry seem so unsightly?

Is it a privacy issue – where it seems vulgar to post clothes outside your door? Or is it merely abuse of public space? The fact that the laundry is imposing an externality on all other residents?

Would people have reacted this adversely had the offending object been an old bar stool, or stuffed chair?