Ahead of what will no doubt be an entertaining panel on personal branding in the online world – organised by Strathclyde University on the 28th of October at the Crowne Plaza for its graduating MBA batch – we gathered round a rather round table at Dubai Eye’s Business Breakfast show. And be we, I mean Marisa Woods of Brand&People and I. The Mcnabb of Alexander Mcnabb fame was supposed to make an appearance, but was on later that day on the same chanel. Never fear, he’ll be there in person and twice as large as life (I’m hoping) on the 28th.

All was going well until the closing throes, where I somehow contrived to call Malcolm and his ilk Luddites. Oh dear, and I was trying so hard to be nice. The good people at Spot On PR pointed me to the link:

You might want to pick up the conversation around the 16:30 mark, though it’s a good chinwag all the way through.