Dubai Copywriter Hisham Wyne Dubai Design Distrct websiteMuch excitement has been ensuing. The Dubai Design District stuck its best foot forward to march towards Fashion Forward, which by most accounts was quite a treat for starved fashionistas and also great for networking and new launches.

Perhaps the only thing missing was…er…a website. D3 wanted an updated one. Which was fantastic, except but a mere few days remained between us and #FFwd.

Fortunately, the nice folks at Xische had been working on some rather beautiful website design cues for a while, and the die was mostly cast. They helpfully sent over their templates.  I did some emergency wordsmithing.

Shaw once said to someone that he’d written them a long letter because he’d no time to write a short one. A truer set of words has seldom been uttered. The new D3 website is fairly minimal.  Which presents an interesting challenge on how to succinctly summarise an ambitious, sprawl in a dozen odd words.

The D3 team were refreshingly on the ball. Thanks to the joys of the interwebs, emails flew thick and fast, back and forth, hither and thither, at all hours. And in 72 hours, all was written, designed, approved, uploaded. Just in time for Fashion Forward.

Collaborating w/ Xische and D3 simultaneously was  refreshing – it’s not often one gets this level of professional amicability and a collective desire to get on with things.

We’ll be adding a few more details to the site soon. In the meanwhile, it’s up here.