It was the oldest market in Dubai. Near the Shindagah tunnel area. It’s now been closed down to make space for Carrefour’s expansion.

Emirates Biz 24/7 carried the news – glad to see them inadvertently contribute to the cause of serious journalism.

These traders expected Dubai Municipality to provide them alternative space in the city. However, Dubai Municipality has not announced any plans to relocate them.

“About 1,400 people work here. Most of the employees are uncertain about their future and the municipality has not yet announced plans for a new market.  The closed vegetable market had 30 stalls and 20 kiosks, the fish market had 28 stalls and the meat market had 27 stalls,” one trader said.

According to Municipality official sources, traders were given enough notice and their licences have not been renewed.

So well done, Dubai Municipality, for placing commercial interest over heritage. It’s markets such as these, though not very accessible for tourists, etc, that hold together the fabric of inner city life. Really, must everything go the way of the super-mall – those gigantic totems to consumption that are rapidly becoming untenable?