It was a small world gracing the lunch table – I ran into so many friends and acquaintances that it became a reunion of sorts.

It was, however, a catch-up with a bit of a twist. We were all suspended fifty metres (approx 150 feet) in the air, a large table between us, over the Dubai Marina Walk.

Dreamdays had organized a ‘dining in the sky’ event, and I had been asked to join the ruckus as a journalist and sometimes food blogger.

And a ruckus it was. Old friends, good food, conversation ranging from gas and porn to business in China, and the gentle swirling of the table made for a memorable lunch.

We were all securely strapped in. But there was constant trepidation that one of the gazzillion cameras going off around the table would slip from tenuous grasp.

The distance might not have been massive in absolute numbers. But I promise you that a hundred and fifty feet looks very high indeed when you’re glancing down while eating succulent chicken and creme brulee.