MJ on a TV Screen

Now this is a good idea. A really clever idea. Want to promote a site about music – in this case www.music-master.com?

Construct large images of musicians out of barcodes that smartphones can pick up. Watch as people stand there looking a little loony, giving MJ’s face a shave with their phones, ferreting for the real barcodes in amongst the fake ones.

As soon as a bar code is registered – it took me about 15 seconds to find one, but I was being quite dense that day – you get a quick email giving you free access to a track from the artist. Or something along those lines. Interactive, fun, and a good way of engaging the techies, methinks. I was amused. Blood was on the smart phone. Blood was on the knife. I believe the chaps at DDB were behind this. Well done, you lot.

But…if that doesn’t float your boat, here’s something else. You’re a bank. You want to convince people to get loans from you.The obvious solution – creat e a heinous, big eyed round sneaker wearing ball with a dirham afro.

Introducing : money ball guy. I can imagine the thinking going into this.

You want some cash to avoid the crash
Call the money ball guy.
You want some dough you want to blow
Call the money ball guy
You want some dosh so you look posh.
Call the money ball guy
You want a grand on demand
Call the money ball guy.

Really, EmiratesNBD?

Of course, any sensible person would be swayed by a ball of cash wearing red chucks, yes? Seems utterly reasonable.

PS: It’s just been brought to my attention by a friend who works at DDB that the Music Master picture is not in fact MJ. In fact, it’s a cool new singer called Michela. Really? Ambient pictures can be rather confusing. Sigh. Ah well. Still a great campaign.