I became a full time writer and content creator ostensibly to write more.

Yet a look at my blog stats reveals a stark opposite – the frequency of my scribbles has declined into sporadic staccato. Puzzling.

Till I realize that I have indeed been writing, but for the UAE food explorer blog instead. I had been on a month long culinary exploration, where food, digestion and the processional review were all that could be managed. After all, circa fifty restaurants in the space of a month is a bit much to digest; in all meanings of that phrase.

Nevertheless, it was scintillating and titillating. My taste buds have been ruinously exposed to the sublime, to the point they turn up their tips at thought of the plebian. L'esperienza de questa dolce vita, as Dante might say. Or did, actually.  I have, in introspect, also developed the annoying habit of whipping out the good old smartphone (<3 Android, incidentally) to pictorially capture interestingly presented dishes. The fall is complete. I used to be the one vapidly sneering as people took pictures of ridiculous inanimate objects to share on social networks. Hark, for I am now one of you.

But onwards. There are trials and travails, but also a lot of exciting stuff in the offing. I am working on an article for the Weekend Review, Gulf News, which should ideally have been submitted days ago if digestion had not interrupted. There is some interesting work in the offing with Khaleej Times as well. It's also a good idea to keep your eye out for TEDx Ramallah, happening at some point post Ramadan. I'm helping develop content for what i think is a worthy initiative, and Ramzi Jaber is beavering away to make it all a reality. I believe the boys from Xiche are also involved; they seem to have their little noses into everything worth a mention. You hear me, Mr. Farhan? Do you?

Angst might be a full time job, but there is much writing to be done. Watch this space.