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I was at the Shelter yesterday for a Suhoor event. T’was fun – rather a reunion of creative, faffy types.

For those not in the know – largely you guys not in Dubai, glossary: a) the Shelter was one of the city’s earliest semi-lassiez faire collaborative spaces – which could be used for social events and also had office space and desks for corporate use, and b) Suhoor – a meal taken before the sun rises in preparation for a day-long fast during the month of Ramadan.

I love the Shelter’s new look, which is perspective bending down on perspective. Nooks, crannies and spy-holes. It’s like Alice down a geometrically sound rabbit hole. Cutaways offer new perspectives, allowing one to observe what’s going on inside, what’s going on outside, and what’s going on below. Go around the Shelter a few times, and you almost run the risk of running into yourself on the other side of the many square-shaped portals to other viewpoints. Every cookie-cutter square yields activity on the other side, in an intimate way that glass never can.

Sometimes, it’s almost like you’re observing people, and they quite literally break the fourth wall by reaching out to salute you from one of the empty windows.

PS: Pictures snapped on the fly by the 5 MP camera on the Motorala Defy. Reasonable results, i thought.