Yes, t’is that time of year. When tired old 2011 trots out with head bowed and beard tripping up knobbly knees. On the other side, 2012 will probably behave in the manner of all newborns: kicking, screaming, temperamental, and as full of smiles as poop.

So Dubai, you think you’ve got New Year‘s nailed eh? The parties, the booze? Abu Dhabi, you’ve got Coldplay. Well, I see you both, and raise you: giant sculptures of Hell Boy and the Hulk in Eucador.

There, they construct large combustible sculptures of everyone’s favourites – from smurfs and the Cat Lair, to a large green Hulk. And then set them aflame and welcome in the turning of time.

Check them out here, as first tweeted by the awesome @Moonbootica. Always awesome to see how people everywhere celebrate the approach of a new set of 575,600 minutes in ways beautiful and quirky.